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Transform Your Pelvic Health and Improve Your Quality of Life

Our Services


General Pelvic Health Help

Treating a range of conditions related to pelvic health, including orthopedic issues, bowel health, bladder health, pelvic pain, sex health, and men's health concerns.




Relieve your pain during pregnancy or prepare yourself for a labor.




Personalized post-partum recovery for any conditions providing you the help you need.


Helping people learn to love pelvic health is our mission. Providing high quality physical therapy with a focus on “whole person approach”.  We care about you!

At Savanah Pelvic Health and Wellness, we are here to help you with your concerns. We are specialty trained with clinical expertise in the area of pelvic health and treat a wide range of conditions. We take our time, ask the right questions, and create your specific treatment program to restore your health. Our mission is to empower us all to LOVE our pelvises!


Personalized Care

Have you ever been told just to “do your kegels” when you are pregnant or having pelvic floor issues?  Savannah Pelvic Health and Wellness treats you as an individual. We listen. We provide detailed assessment and treatment plans. We follow you throughout your journey to improved symptoms and work with you until we have solved the problem.




Your treatment sessions will always be 1:1 and you will never be in a busy gym with tons of other people. Our treatment space is quiet, inviting, and private.


Expert Care

At Savannah Pelvic Health and Wellness you can be confident in your therapists knowledge of your condition. With hundreds of hours in training and certifications in pregnancy, pelvic floor disorders, and advanced dry needling techniques, your therapist has the advanced knowledge and skill set to get you better in less visits and with greater satisfaction of care.


I have been searching for answers to my post-partum problems for over two years. After visits with pts, home exercises and programs that promised results, finally feel like we are getting somewhere. Dr. Jasmine was encouraging, patient and very knowledgeable with all the info and expectations for my treatment. I felt good leaving her office, knowing that we had a plan to establish good function and be able to get my back issues and weak core back into shape through proper breathing, form, and exercise. Highly recommend, especially for post-partum.


Dr. Jasmine is incredible. I approached the visit not knowing what to expect, being nearly 40 weeks pregnant and instructed to see Jasmine by my midwife. I was in awe of the way she was immediately able to find where I was experiencing the most pain. I'm walking better than I have in weeks. I can't wait to go back! I happily drive an hour to see her. She was kind enough to let me bring my youngest along, and was also very patient when I couldn't find the building at first. I just love her and highly recommend her!


Jasmine is amazing. I have been seeing her weekly for a couple of months now, since I’m pregnant and I wanted to have a comfortable and healthy pregnancy. I have to say that my body is feeling and even looking better than ever! She is incredible, spends a lot of time, and customizes the treatment plan for your needs. 5*!


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by availability

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We provide high quality, integrated healthcare services, based on a patient – centered.


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